Our Clinic Pets

JoJo was born at NEAC in 2012 by a stray mama who decided “under” the building was a great place to be. Despite having a hard start to his life, JoJo enjoys chilling out, napping and munching on food while humans tend to his every need!

Tiki came to NEAC in Feb 2018 as a stray, wandering the streets of Columbia. Since then, Tiki has enjoyed the indoor life with food and treats at her disposal. Tiki also enjoys screaming/making noises at the most inopportune time!

Rose was left in a carrier outside of NEAC in 2018 and was immediately taken in and made a clinic pet. Since her rescue from the outside, Rose enjoys lounging around and eating well and couldn’t be happier to let others (the humans) do all the hard work!

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