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Our Clinic Pets




JoJo was born at NEAC in 2012 by his stray mama who decided that “under” the building was a purrfect kingdom for her prince. JoJo’s mama went to a loving family and JoJo found his own family (his NEAC peasants) to call his own right here at NEAC. Despite a rough start to life, JoJo now lives his best life of royalty! JoJo commands his subjects to give him mounds of treats, the finest of catnip and head scratches at his demand. Long live King JoJo!



Tiki joined the NEAC flock in 2018 when she was found wandering the streets as a small bird in a big world. Since her arrival, Tiki has settled into her new home with many toys and snacks at her disposal. In her free time, which is all day, Tiki’s favorite hobby is screaming/making noises while someone is on the phone or while people are trying to hold conversations with one another. As a perfect Velociraptor impressionist, Tiki is NEAC’s favorite menace but we wouldn’t have it any other way!



Rose was left in a carrier at the front door of NEAC in 2018 and immediately joined the gang! Since her arrival, Rose has grown up knowing she is the coolest kid on the NEAC block!
Rose loves lounging in her personal skyline penthouse and will occasionally flaunt her catwalk for all to see! Rose is overall a mellow little lady who walks to the beat of her own drum. Rose is the cat’s meow!

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