Our Staff

Jennifer Ng, DVM

Dr. Ng has been the Veterinarian here at NEAC for the last 16 years. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia Veterinary School, and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for undergrad. Dr. Ng has a special interest in animal behavior, working with pets that have behavioral special needs, she also has the Low Stress Handling Silver Certification. Dr. Ng is a night owl by nature and often travels with her pack of greyhounds and whippets, enjoying amatuer racing with both breeds. She currently has 5 greyhounds, 3 whippets, 3 cats and a green quaker parrot at home.


Lead Veterinary Assistant/Technician

Thomas has been with NEAC over 10 years and is basically the right hand to Dr. Ng. He has the Low Stress Handling Silver Certification. When not working, Thomas enjoys playing video games, and outdoor activities including hiking and mountain biking. Thomas is a huge Detroit Red Wings fan as well as a huge Michigan Wolverine fan. Go Blue!


Lead Receptionist/Office Manager

Kelsey has been with NEAC almost 7 years and is the face of the clinic! When not working, which is a rarity, Kelsey enjoys traveling, reading, crafts, photography and taking in a good Renaissance faire when possible. She also has recently taken up plant husbandry, and loves Dr. Pepper and most Asian foods! Kelsey says her favorite thing about working at the clinic is getting to love on the puppies and kittens, as well as the giant breeds who think they are the size of a puppy.



Kimberly has been at NEAC on and off over the last 16 years. A self proclaimed cat lady, Kimberly is oftentimes either pet sitting or helping Kershaw County Humane Society. In her spare time, she spends time with her family especially at state parks. Her goal is to hit all state parks (47) and so far she has been to 12.


Assistant/Kennel Staff

Taylor has been with NEAC for 2 years. Her role at the clinic varies and she does a little bit of everything! You might hear her on the phone, assisting with appointments, and in our Kennel. Her official title is our “Emotional Support Human”. In her spare time; Taylor enjoys gardening, crocheting, video games, and going on adventures with her bloodhound Ellie. She is also currently pursuing a major in Horticultural Science, in hope to own her own nursery in the future.


Assistant/Kennel Staff

Val has been with NEAC 2 years and is typically in the kennels. In her spare time, Val likes horses, rodeos and helping animal rescues. Val is an adventurous traveler when she can get away!


Kennel Staff

Declan has been with NEAC for about 9 months, working in our kennels taking care of the pets who board. In his spare time, Declan enjoys outdoor activities including, hiking, camping, and kayaking. He also enjoys road trips, building lego sets, hanging out with his dog Luna, and video games.


Assistant/Kennel Staff

Emily has been with NEAC about 8 months and works as an assistant. She has experience with a plethora of species from small animals to exotics. In school, Emily has studied the basics of veterinary medicine and biology and has ambitions of getting certified as a licenced veterinary technician. In her free time, Emily enjoys art, outdoor activities, and spending time with her family.



Gina is a newbie to NEAC but is definitely not a newbie to the animal world. Gina has been in the business of animals in some capacity or another for over 20 years. When not at work, Gina loves doing live theater, hanging with family and watching comedies, especially with Melissa McCarthy. Gina is a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan! Go Bucks!


Veterinary Assistant/Technician

Leigh is a newbie to NEAC but not to the Veterinary world. Leigh has over 20 years experience and is the resident Chihuahua whisperer. In her spare time, Leigh loves gardening and zumba. Her favorite movie is A League of Their Own and she doesn’t have a favorite color so she proclaims rainbows to be the best of all colors!


Kennel Staff

Jackson is the newest face of NEAC but you might never see him because he works in the kennels attending to all the animal needs. Jackson has a 4.7 GPA, is a straight A student and wants to attend MIT to become a Biomedical Engineer! When not at school or work, Jackson loves to game with his favorite game being “Overwatch”. Jackson loves food and his favorite is Chicken taco salad but he politely asks to have the guacamole left off! Someday Jackson hopes to own a Pug because it is his favorite dog breed.

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